Ware Priory Offers Enhanced Presentation Package

Ware Priory are pleased to announce the acquisition of our new ‘Clever Touch’65” Interactive Screen to enhance our presentation package to you.

Client demand for flexibility with technology is increasing – we’re introducing an Interactive Flat Panel to our conference and meeting room packages so that when you choose Ware Priory for your venue, you can ‘plug and play’, no matter what device you’re using…giving you a seamless presentation platform with that all-important wow-factor.

When you visit Ware Priory for your conference and opt for the ‘Clever Touch Screen, you’re one step closer to a more dynamic and memorable conference for your participants. Touch is a natural and intuitive way to communicate with display content, leading to more expressive presentations and engaged participants.

Collaborative content is increasingly become the heart of modern working life, with developing and sharing ideas the very essence of truly beneficial knowledge. Combine this with the expectation of interactivity and touch in everyday life (chances are you and your participant have at least one touch-enable smart device in your hand at any given moment), and it raises the question of what your conference participants will be expecting when they come to see you. Do they want to be ‘talked at’ for an hour, staring at a projector screen? Or do they want to be involved, getting value add by using familiar on-screen tools to scribble down their ideas in real-time on the main screen to be shared electronically at the end? Nothing’s more than three clicks, and everything is designed to be as easy to use as possible. What’s more, if you’re not confident on new technology, simply turn your laptop into a huge 65” touch panel and use the system and features you’re already familiar with.

Choose Ware Priory and our Clever Touch screen to use technology people expect in order to become more vibrant and engaging. Take advantage of our UHD 4K screen for high quality, high impact content delivery that leaves no participant behind

All of our full and half day delegate packages include the use of the Clever Touch 65” screen if required. There is a supplementary charge of £60 should you book this separately with your meeting space only. 

Contact us today to book your next conference or meeting with Ware Priory.